A word from our CEO

A word from Astellia's CEO

You've recently moved up from chief operating officer to chief executive of Astellia, what is your vision for the future of the company?

Abdelkrim Benamar: I joined Astellia about 17 months ago to help initially drive improvement of the company’s operational and commercial performance. I came up with a transformation plan that has now been adopted. Essentially I was told that my ideas were good and I’ve been given the opportunity to implement them as chief executive.

I believe Astellia has unique assets, talents and the right attitude and culture to be successful in the market place. When I look at the company, I see that we have the means to deliver unique intelligence to help CSPs, specifically mobile operators, to properly manage the value generated throughout their networks, services and subscribers. That, in essence, is my vision for Astellia in the future.


Which domains within the company will enable this?

Abdelkrim Benamar: One domain is our historical activity around monitoring and troubleshooting. This was the foundation of Astellia and it has grown over time by adding intelligence, monitoring new network technologies and expanding our customer base. Another domain is network optimisation. A key component of this capability came with our acquisition of Ingenia Telecom in Spain two years ago which brought in unique expertise in radio network optimisation. We now have optimisation capability from end to end, from the radio to the core. The third domain is analytics. Here, we’re enabling CSPs to monetise the diversity of their data with algorithms to develop very powerful analytics.

Our plan is to continue with all three complementary activities and support these with our professional services to make the best of our solutions. All of these capabilities come together to help our customers by optimising their investments to make sure they have the right network quality and capacity at the right places. Technologies that enhance quality of service and quality of experience have become vital because they reduce churn and develop new revenues.


How do you see Astellia developing its business over the next 24 months? Which areas do you see as the next logical targets for Astellia?

Abdelkrim Benamar: We have high ambitions across these four pillars of our business – the three domains plus the services part. What we want to do is strengthen and consolidate our customer base, especially in monitoring and troubleshooting.

We also want to support our existing customers as technology moves to SDN/NFV and 5G.

Our ambition is to significantly develop our ability to serve larger deals so we can be out-tasked to optimise a complete network.

We want to grow our business by double digits in analytics. To achieve this, our main focus geographically will be to strengthen our base in EMEA, to grow our base in Central and Latin America and to win more customers in North America. We will focus on analytics and network optimisation using the developments in virtualisation and 5G as a springboard. We’re already investing in NFV and SDN by virtualising our applications and introducing virtual probes for monitoring NFV networks.

Astellia has very appealing assets and I believe the company is a jewel. I didn’t come here for a title and I’m hopeful the transformation we’re putting in place will mean that in two years Astellia will be even more successful.


Extract from interview by Vanilla Plus, August/September 2016

06/10/2016 14:00
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