Astellia to demonstrate service assurance for NFV and IoT at MWC 2017

Rennes, France, February 14th 2017 - Astellia, leading provider of network and subscriber intelligence for mobile operators, is delighted to announce its participation in Mobile World Congress 2017.

Astellia will be presenting how it guarantees NFV services. Astellia will also demonstrate its new customer and service centric analytics solution for Service Operation Centers (SOC). In addition, the company will share the benefits of its geo-analytics for value-based RAN optimization.


Service assurance for NFV

Service Assurance for NFV
Within a complex virtual environment, it is crucial for an operator to monitor this disruptive technology and cope with network elasticity. Astellia assures a real-time view of the entire network through vProbes. These can be instantiated on-demand to monitor physical and VM-to-VM communi­cations. Astellia provides a NFV monitoring solution to quickly identify faulty network equipment, offers troubleshooting to find out problem’s root cause and send recommendations to the network orchestrator.


IoT device geolocation and LPWAN troubleshooting

IoT device geolocation
Astellia’s geolocation solution helps operators follow the mobility of connected devices that have no inbuilt GPS and locate them on-demand both in cellular and Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN). Leveraging the most accurate geolocation solution in the market, IoT operators can benefit from new revenue streams by offering high-value services with service level agreements to their connected objects’ customers.


SQM analytics embedding advanced video QoE metrics

SQM Analytics embedding video QoE metrics
The new Nova Analytics solution empowers SOC with advanced QoE algorithms for popular apps such as for video (time to play, freezes …) and all voice calls such as VoLTE, VoWiFi (MOS, jitter …) to mirror the real customer perception. By implementing Astellia’s Service Quality Management solution, mobile operators can ensure successful service adoption, fast issue demarcation in case of service degradation, involving data science to predict problem root cause.


Geolocation-based RAN optimization

Geolocation-based RAN optimization Nova optimization solution allows to prioritize and reduce operators’ network investments (CAPEX) by improving coverage, capacity and performance. Additionally, operators benefit from OPEX savings by automating recurring optimization tasks as well as reducing the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) with geolocated troubleshooting.


For more information and live demos, please set up a pre-scheduled meeting with us at Astellia’s booth 6G20 in Hall 6.