Measure and deliver seamless video QoE

Video QoE


Video consumption via mobile is clearly on the rise. Cisco is predicting that by 2019, 72% of mobile traffic will be made up of video content. The time consumers are spending watching mobile video is also growing quickly. According to ‘Mobile Video: Exposed’, a report issued in December 2016 by nonprofit industry group the Streaming Video Alliance (SVA), over 40% of consumers in the U.S. watch at least one hour per week and 25% watch two hours or more. YouTube CEO Susan Wojicki is also confirming that 50% of YouTube traffic now comes from mobile

With mobile video consumption exploding, managing and maintaining a good video QoE for their subscribers has become a common challenge for most operators. Astellia is working together with operators to address these challenges. Astellia provides analytics with advanced metrics that depict the true subscriber experience:

-          Start delay (buffer)

-          Number of freezes

-          Total freeze duration

-          Percentage of time spent watching video in 7 quality ranges

On top of this, Astellia’s Nova solution geolocates the area where these issues occurred. We can then perform deep root cause analysis and recommend corrective actions to improve video quality, enhance the subscriber experience and secure data revenue.