VoLTE service assurance


Astellia provides a troubleshooting solution with dashboards that illustrate an end-to-end view of each VoLTE call, detect malfunctioning VoLTE handsets and efficiently benchmark vendors.

On top of its product portfolio, Astellia offers Professional Services consisting of on-site experts engaged with operator’s teams during Lab Tests, Field Interoperability and Friendly User Tests.

Locate VoLTE compatible devices

VoLTE service adoption

Top VoLTE devices

Astellia is at your side across the entire VoLTE life cycle:

-       Geolocate and optimize areas that require VoLTE first

-       Geolocate low-performing VoLTE areas (call drops, bad handovers)

-       Benchmark & recommend handsets for VoLTE

-       Troubleshoot interoperability issues ‘End to End’

-       Manage seamless voice call continuity with SRVCC

-       Ensure HD voice quality (MOS)

-       Boost and follow-up VoLTE service adoption