Nowadays everything is mobile and network operators are seated on a real goldmine of information.
Through its analytics applications based on big data, Astellia can extract the value from a diversity of data (ie. probing, OMC, call trace, CRM, billing...) to reveal unexpected customer patterns, network behaviors or service usages. It empowers mobile network operators to make efficient and informed decisions.
Nova Network Analytics provides performance management and KPI trend analysis capabilities. Nova Network Analytics enables multi-dimensional data manipulation (network element, cell, APN, QCI, applications, group of subscribers & device)
Nova Service Analytics empowers SOC department with service quality management to pinpoint service problems at network level and trouble ticket to the right team thanks to issue demarcation capabilities.
Nova Customer Analytics helps mobile operators gain a better understanding of customer behavior, follow QoE for key customers, detect potential churners as well as monitor and assess corporate Service Level Agreements (SLA).