Here is a selection of quotes from some of Astellia's customers.

With fierce competition kicking in the Indian mobile market and the frenzied adoption of smartphones, consumers are becoming increasingly discerning in terms of service quality. We have teamed up with Astellia to get an increased visibility into our network performance to offer enhanced customer experience and improved operational efficiency. I am also expecting revenue uplift based on customer insights and bespoken solutions coming out of the Astellia's table.

Sameer Dave,
CTO, Aircel

About the corporate reporting solution monitoring 15 African networks:

The Astellia solution enables us to gain a more comprehensive view of QoS across all of our networks and incentivise our local teams on customer-centric indicators.


About the data acceleration project:

The Data Service Acceleration project was performed in close collaboration with Astellia. It enabled us to optimize network performance, improve customer experience and thereby generate additional revenue on high-value data services. Astellia was selected for its very strong expertise in end-to-end mobile data analysis and its unique solution measuring subscribers’ quality of experience.

Abdelhafid Tchoketch,
Radio Frequency Manager, Airtel Africa

At Airtel we are committed to delivering an unmatched customer experience to each and every customer. With Astellia by our side we are on the right track to provide ubiquitous and powerful services to our customers.

Maixent Bekangba, 
Managing Director, Airtel Madagascar

This partnership comes in line with the national QoS network plan for 2012 which has set concrete targets. Astellia’s 3G+ monitoring solution will allow us to proactively address any quality problems on our 3G+ network and analyze hidden network issuesThis will enhance the efficiency and performance of our network and result in offering our entire base of subscribers of 1.7 million with a first class Quality of Experience (QoE). We are confident that Astellia will lead the project successfully and allow us to address all requirements within the set timelines.

Assaad Abousleiman,
Alfa’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Base Company adopted a successful strategy of partnerships. We have chosen Astellia to understand patterns and discover experience behind volumes in order to better meet our customers’ expectations.

Tom Poelhekken,

CTO, Base Company Belgium

With Astellia at our side, we are sure to satisfy our most demanding customers. All adjustments made optimize the performance of our 4G network and help provide a unique user experience.

Jean-Christophe REVERSAT
Network Operations Director, Bouygues Telecom

Secure customer satisfaction by providing high quality communication services is our priority, especially with 4G. We are proud to cooperate with Astellia, a French company, and to use their powerful Nova solution to fit our strategy, which aims to increase our data network performance.

Jean-Paul Arzel,
Network Director, Bouygues Telecom

We are continually working to provide the best experience to our customers. With Astellia we have seen important improvements in our network and Parisians now clearly benefit from even better services. As a next step, we will work together with Astellia to enhance the performance and reliability of our 4G network in Paris area.

Xavier Pavoux,
Radio Engineering Manager, Bouygues Telecom

Haitians have come to know and trust the Digicel brand and customer satisfaction stakes are high. With the help of an international technological leader such as Astellia, we can home in on what matters most to our subscribers and make better business decisions. We appreciate the judicious advice of Astellia’s experts and their flexibility in proposing solutions that contribute greatly to driving network performance and service perception.

Bernard Yacoub,
CTO, Digicel Haiti

Haitians love their mobile phones, that is why we continue to invest in infrastructure and technology to ensure a distinct customer experience. Astellia helps us diagnose network issues and identify quality-related network trends even before they impact our customers.

Juan Torres,

CTO,  Digicel Haiti

We were impressed with Astellia’s expertise and track record of delivering network assurance solutions to mobile network operators around the world, as well as Canada. The independent validation of our network performance will ensure our customers receive an outstanding service experience.

Steve Irvine,

VP Engineering & Operations at Eastlink Wireless, Canada

Following our network expansion and upgrade period, our focus now is on making sure the equipment we installed is optimised and able to provide an efficient, reliable service to our subscribers. The Astellia solution will help Econet monitor the performance of our services, and to recommend action where needed to continually enhance the quality of experience of our customers.

Mr Douglas Mboweni,
CEO, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

Astellia’s differentiating factor is that it empowers us to enhance our subscriber’s voice and data experience by offering a supreme quality mobile broadband service. Thanks to Astellia we get happier customers.

Rico Chemnitz,
Head of IT Core Networks & Products, H3G Austria

We were looking for strong experts to help us improve our network performance, with a vendor-independent positioning. Astellia has been particularly agile in teaming up with our operations. They have produced remarkable results, increasing customer satisfaction and revenue.

Jose Pablo Blotta,

Director Mobile Division, Ice Costa Rica

Living up to the quality expectations of our customers is Moldtelecom’s leitmotiv. Astellia’s solution and assessments gives us the means to improve our customer’s experience, increase loyalty and drive revenues.

Victor Moldovanu,

QoS team leader, Moldtelecom Moldova

Throughout 8 years of collaboration, Astellia has helped MTN through its business intelligence solutions and flexible analysis to gain competitive advantages in the market through adding value to our network and enabling us to have a more thorough insight into the network in terms of optimization and troubleshooting.” He added that this collaboration has also ensured a smoother analysis of performance and enabled the cutting down of costs as well as creating new revenue streams.

Ahmad Abdallah,

General Manager Operation for MTN Group, MENA Region

At NII we are committed to deploying the most effective technology solutions, so that we can efficiently respond to the needs of our high-value customers who must communicate instantly, anywhere, and at anytime.

We selected Astellia because they provide solutions that will enhance even further the quality that we deliver to our customers across our networks every day.

Alan Strauss,
Chief Technical Officer, NII Holdings, Inc.

Astellia has established a solid reputation within the five Latin American markets of NII Holdings by monitoring and optimizing all of our next generation networks. Astellia’s monitoring solution is a key contributor in helping NII optimize and monetize traffic in a particularly complex multi-technology and multi-vendor environment.

Don McElroy
Vice President of budget and performance, NII Holdings

Astellia is renowned for its unique, integrated E2E approach to monitoring and is not only helping us troubleshoot customer complaints promptly but is also helping us deliver an independent evaluation of infrastructure provider’s performance.

Grigor Grigoryan,
CTO, Orange Armenia

Thanks to Astellia's VIP Care, we are able to retain our high-value customers. QoS is a key differentiator and a must have. Astellia helps us to be proactive and deliver the best QoE in the market.

Elizabeth Medou-Badang,
CEO, Orange Botswana