Here is a selection of quotes from some of Astellia's customers.

Working in close collaboration with our partners is fundamental to deliver the best customer experience. This win-win relationship allows Orange to be the first French operator when it comes to delivering the best quality of service. We consider that our partnership with Astellia largely contributed to this success.

Pierre Lanquetot,
Director Engineering and Mobile Infrastructure, Orange France

Moldova is amongst the countries having the most advanced telecommunications services in the world. We are proud to say that Orange customers are enjoying today high quality wireless Internet access at speeds of up to 100Mbps. Working with Astellia enables us to deliver our subscribers unsurpassed 4G performance, best in class services and enhanced customer experience.

Dumitru RUSSU

Network Performance Team Leader, Orange Moldova

Our challenge is to keep up with increasing customer expectation; for that reason we have put strategic emphasis on optimizing the quality of our service delivery. Our partnership with Astellia is a testament to our continued dedication in delivering a compelling customer experience.

Marek Kovář, 
Senior Service Assurance Engineer,
Orange Slovensko

Orascom and Astellia have partnered for 7 years, and our relationship dates back to 2005. Throughout the years, Orascom has been utilizing Astellia’s products and services in different regions such as in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Algeria. Astellia has always been distinguished by its professionalism in providing top class services and improving the quality of networks through constant collaboration. Astellia’s tools, especially their specialized 3rd level KPI’s render them unique in the market. Such tools are very important for the analysis and identification of network problems and providing the right solutions, depending on the customer’s profile with a special focus on high value customers.


Mahmoud Turki,
PM Quality and Service Senior Manager at Orascom

We are positive that through this collaboration we are able to provide our customers with the best possible end user experience. It will enhance our ability to better understand and anticipate customer behavior, troubleshoot issues quickly and allow deep analysis to investigate the root cause of the problem. We see Astellia’s probe-based monitoring solution as the power behind a positive customer experience.

Buddy Vaughan,
Chief Technology/Network Officer, Plateau Communications

We called upon Astellia for their flexible and feature-rich solution and their proactivity in solution evolution towards Big Data. We also highly value their expertise in radio optimization, geolocation and traffic analysis.

Thomas Vonlanthen,
Head of Wireless Access Technologies, Swisscom

Thanks to this partnership with Astellia, Telefónica’s customers will be able to take advantage of the improvement in network performance and efficiency and benefit from more reliable services and seamless connectivity.

Ian Miller,
Radio Access Director, Telefónica

We must detect, analyse and solve problems quickly on both voice and packet networks. The Astellia solution, is particularly useful for us to detect the problems in our network, analyse and discover the origin of those problems.

Mr Juan Carlos Sequera,
Technical support team manager of RAN networks,
Telefonica Spain

This end-to-end KPI optimization and troubleshooting solution will bring value at several levels of Telia organization - from RAN to Core, including Roaming department and top management. 15 persons are expected to work on a daily-basis.

Mr Heine Rasmussen,
Optimization expert, Telia Denmark

We chose Astellia's all-in-one solution because of its advanced and integrated End-to-End capabilities. It gives our engineers and client support teams the ability to quickly identify and troubleshoot issues across various elements of our HSPA network.

Raymond Saoumah,
National Director of Planning & Engineering, Telus Canada

touch is committed to excellence and constant improvement. Astellia clearly understands our business drivers. We see the successful implementation of the first phase as the perfect foundation for a thriving partnership. We are confident that Astellia will continue to help us significantly improve the quality of service we deliver to our subscribers to maximize both customer satisfaction and profitability.

Wael Ayoub,
Chief Operations Officer, touch

This end-to-end audit was of great value to Tunisiana. It provided us with a unique vision of data network and service performance from an end-user perspective. Astellia's experts' recommendations enabled us to precisely localize problem areas and improve customer experience. This is particularly important in the current competitive environment where Tunisiana is launching innovative data services.

CTO, Tunisiana Tunisia

Our decision to rely on Astellia was driven by our long-standing and strong partnership. We are confident that with Astellia by our side our customers will benefit from top quality 4G services.

Hayk Yesayan,
Chief Executive Officer, Ucom

Astellia’s track record and global experience in passive network monitoring will help us gain more visibility and control of what is happening on our network. Hereby, we can increase problem resolution efficiency and increase our knowledge of our subscribers’ usage.

Amílcar F. Safeca,
Deputy CEO, Unitel Angola

Using Astellia's Xpert application, our optimization engineers can automatically focus their attention on critical cells. They are equipped with key information to pinpoint the origin of the problem and prioritize operations in the field. Our engineers are now using and sharing the same optimization and investigation rules and have the ability to create new ones.

Marie-Josée Méthot,
RAN Design & Optimization Manager, Videotron Canada

We are very happy with our collaboration with Astellia’s experts. Their know-how and experience in RAN network optimization is a great help to us in evaluating our network’s efficiency after the equipment swap. In the near future, we will most certainly call on their expertise for our 3G network monitoring.

Slavomír Slanina,
RAN Manager, Vodafone Czech Republic

Wataniya selected VIP Care over other solutions following intensive product benchmarking which proved that Astellia's solution was superior to competing products. We see tremendous value in the use of the VIP Care solution. We are achieving our strategic objective of strengthening customer loyalty and maximizing revenue on this key market segment.

Sudhir Tripahi,
Senior Manager Networks and Performance, Wataniya Kuwait

We are very pleased to collaborate with Astellia, the leading provider of monitoring solutions. By utilizing Astellia's VIP care solutions we are able to deliver the targeted quality service to our VIP customers in terms of data speed, voice quality and value added services. Wataniya spares no efforts in maintaining its customer's satisfaction; therefore the new solution will enable us to offer new and innovative service packages that would match their expectations and cater to their increasing needs.

Hisham Siblini,
Chief Technology Officer, Wataniya Kuwait

As part of this initiative, Astellia’s Nova Care solution for efficient customer complaint investigation is being used by Zain Bahrain Customer Care. It has already helped to reduce average handling time (AHT) by 20-30% and increase first call resolution (FCR) by 10-20%. Customer Care agents can now really increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn and turn complaining customers into brand advocates. In addition, escalation of issues to network operations team has, on average, been reduced by 20% since Customer Care teams now have a better knowledge of network related issues hereby decreasing customer service OPEX.

Abdulla Salmeen,
Head of Customer Care, Zain Bahrain

The Zain Technology Conference 2012 Dubai falls in the framework of our new strategy. We are renewing our commitment to our customers to provide them with the latest innovative and top notch technology services through our partners who are the market leaders in the telecom industry.

Mr Hisham Akbar,
Deputy CEO and COO, Zain Group