Different teams at MNOs should massively exploit radio call traces to geolocate every customer call or data connection with an accuracy going far beyond cell level and leverage this information:


Network operations can use geolocated information to quickly identify and visualize traffic hotspots & coverage holes and use this information for targeted analysis, troubleshooting and more efficient optimization. Geolocation is an important tool to reduce costly drive tests. It also provides vital information on where high value subscribers are using their mobiles. This allows MNOs to analyze individual customer experience and focus optimization efforts on high value customers and on the most revenue generating areas.


Marketing can use mass location intelligence for geo-fencing (driving foot traffic through a location based add), geo-conquesting (delivering coupons to customers nearby competitor’s stores), urban planning, density maps, counting vehicles on a specific section of the road, assessing the number of tourists visiting an area, analyzing the catchment areas around commercial centers etc.


Customer Care agents can use geolocated information to identify and visualize the area (cell) where the problem occurred and diagnose if the subscriber is the only one impacted or if it is global to the cell.

Different methods of geo-location based on call traces exist. Find out more