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In African countries where the vast majority of the population is unbanked, the introduction of the mobile money service represents a way to complete simple and secured financial transactions such as sending money to friends and family, buying prepaid airtime and paying for goods and services.
These mobile money services use USSD protocol, which is supported by all types of handsets, to provide mobile users with menu-driven interactive services such as mobile account balance checking, recharge of prepaid account and airtime transfer to another subscriber without using the internet.
Mobile money is paving the way for greater financial inclusion throughout Africa and transforming the way consumers transact with one other. It is certainly becoming one of the fastest growth businesses on the continent.


The mobile money application of this operator has experienced exponential growth since its inception few years ago and fundamentally changed the way people do business in the country. In addition to mobile banking, the operator has to cope with the challenges of a live mobile network, managing obstacles to reach a top quality network.
Before using Astellia’s solution, the operator didn’t have any visibility on the service performance on network level of the mobile money service and relied mainly on customer complaints to improve its service quality. The service provider was looking for a solution that could help them assess service performance and react proactively by resolving issues even before customers complain. The operator also required immediate insight in devices which were not performing well with the service.