Marketing & commercial

Correlate NPS & network performance

Astellia has developed SatiX, a powerful customer-centric monitoring solution which correlates radio network metrics and end-user perception information.

Guarantee reliable mobile banking services

Mobile money is paving the way for greater financial inclusion throughout Africa and transforming the way consumers transact with one other.

Flux Vision

Orange Big Data offer for businesses and public authorities

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Astellia helps Zain segment its subscribers based on usage

Correlate network performance & NPS

Astellia has developed SatiX, a powerful customer-centric index which correlates radio network metrics and end-user perception information.

Leverage negotiation power with OTTs

Thanks to Deep Packet Inspection technology embedded in Nova, data traffic can be classified amongst more than 250 data protocols and service applications.

Boost marketing campaign impact

By using data provided by Astellia’s solution, the operator’s marketing team was able to measure the success of its festival sponsorship by counting the festival app’s downloads and investigating its usage.

Select handsets providing the best QoE

This operator uses Nova to assess and benchmark device performance, to measure mobile data experience per device, detect faulty handsets, etc.

Econet Wireless recovers revenue

Astellia helped Econet Wireless to calculate the potential revenue gain associated to a more accessible 2G and 2,5G network and to prioritize CAPEX investments.

Accelerate mobile data service adoption

Airtel Africa accelerated service adoption and increased ARPU by ensuring fast access to vibrant multimedia content and the best QoE to its customers by working closely together with Astellia's experts.

Strengthen loyalty of high value customers

Wataniya Kuwait was able to deliver excellent voice quality, high speed data and value added services to its VIP customers and corporate fleets by using Astellia's CEM solution.

Guarantee Service Level Agreement

This operator has deployed Astellia’s solution in order to closely monitor its high-value corporate customers and report on service level agreement compliance.

Ensure successful multi-brand strategy

BASE Company Belgium relies on Nova Analytics to built its MVNO segmentation strategy.