Accelerate mobile data service adoption


Airtel Africa

  •  Presence in 16 African countries
  •  50 million subscribers
  •  2G and 3G networks



The Airtel Group launched new 3G data services and wanted to monetize them as quickly as possible. In this context the operator wanted to accelerate new service adoption and increase ARPU by ensuring  fast access to vibrant multimedia content and the best quality of experience to its customers



Airtel’s data service acceleration project

A recent project carried out by the Astellia Consultancy & Services business unit for Airtel Africa illustrates how Airtel managed to speed up mobile data service adoption and increase ARPU and revenue.

The audit was carried out in 4 stages:

  • Astellia recommendation implementation
  • Improvement verification 

The data service acceleration project was performed in close collaboration with Astellia. It enabled us to optimize network performance, improve customer experience and thereby generate additional revenue on high value data services.


Astellia was selected for its strong expertise in end-to-end mobile data analysis and its unique solution measuring subscribers’ quality of experience.

Abdelhafid Tchoketch, Radio Frequency Manager – Airtel Africa.