Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Mobile users are very sensitive to service quality as 37% cite slow connection speed as the reason for churning according to Ovum.

In addition, network are now very complex (ie. multi-technology, multi-vendor, RAN sharing, HetNet...) and usage are extremely diverse (ie. applications, devices...).

In this context, Astellia enables mobile network operators to supervise in real-time the performance of their infrastructure in order to react instantly in case of network discrepancy.


Nova Alerter empowers supervision teams with real-time fault detection to trigger alarms based on customer-centric quality indicators and on KPI trend analysis.
Nova Explorer is a powerful application for deep end-to-end troubleshooting (from RAN to core), problem root cause identification of customer complaints and quality degradations over multi-technology networks.
Nova Care designed for Customer Service and Technical Support departments, provides subscriber experience overview assessments and fast customer complaint analysis.