On-site expertise

Dedicated optimization from our on-site experts

Our team of experts comprises dedicated, talented people, who can contribute a wealth of experience, expertise and insights to our customers' network optimization projects. Our on-site experts work side by side with the operator’s operational teams.

The team is typically managed by a Project Manager and consists of: 

  • Telecom specialists in 2G, 3G and 4G technologies
  • Optimization & Telecom Equipment experts (RAN and Core).

Their mission is to troubleshoot and optimize QoS and QoE performance with a whole set of complementary tools such as OMC counters, Astellia’s probes, drive tests, and cell planning applications. On the basis of these assessments, they give concrete recommendations and a prioritization of corrective actions including equipment configuration and parameters changes.

On-going follow-up meetings with the operator’s teams are organized regularly to make sure that these corrective actions are implemented and to measure their impact.

Solid working relationships are fostered by sharing expertise and best practices.

Typical use cases are the optimization campaigns, the outsourcing of network performance management, complementary information probing, etc.