Operations & Engineering

Improve Qos of radio network

Astellia and Bouygues Telecom working hand in hand to improve QoS of radio network

Ensure a seamless 4G voice service

A European Tier-1 operator was receiving a lot of complaints from 4G subscribers not able to make any phone call or experiencing long voice call establishment.

Innovative RAN optimization

Astellia helping Orange Spain improve customer experience through innovative RAN optimization

Mobility analysis to determine QoE

Astellia helped this operator understand the discrepancy between network KPIs and customer feedback.

In-flight mobile service access

Astellia accompanies a European mobile operator ensuring service availability & quality to airline passengers and equally helps them to respect stringent SLAs.

Event triggered Optimization

Astellia’s targeted optimization approach led to impressive network quality improvements during a major football game.

Optimize the radio access network (RAN)

Astellia's consulting team helped a European operator to identify the cause of an extremely high call drop rate.

Benchmark network & vendor performance

Astellia's solution allows the Airtel Africa group to benchmark QoS across all their networks and incentivize local teams on customer-centric indicators.

Identify and manage P2P traffic

Thanks to DPI embedded in Astellia's probes, experts could identify congested hot spots, localize heavy data users and analyze data usage.

Monitor equipment swap & upgrade

Astellia's monitoring solution allowed this European operator to follow the equipment swap & upgrade and compare network efficiency before and after the upgrade.

Boost mobile broadband QoE

Astellia's Nova solution allowed this European operator to offer high speed web browsing and guarantee ultra fast access to its music store.

Service seamless mobility

Thanks to Astellia this Asian operator was able to ensure reliable and fast access to network and services, anytime anywhere.

Increase roaming revenue

Following a network audit right before the Commonwealth games, a leading Indian operator was able to ensure seamless roaming services and to maximize associated revenues.