Corporate Social Responsibility







Globalisation, a heightened awareness of the finite nature of our planet's resources, greater mobility and the universal use of instant communication devices, have prompted organizations to turn to new, common sense approaches such as Sustainable Development. 

Working groups have been set up and worldwide expert meetings have produced a wide body of litterature in the shape of international charters, recommendations, quality labels and even an ISO 26000 standard.  

Social and societal responsibility, environmental protection and ethical relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees have always been the core of our business ethos in our drive towards Sustainable Development. 

In 2014, the Executive Committee decided to enshrine this commitment in a formal governance framework for CSR policies and practices, for three main reasons: 

  • The need is self-evident; 

  • It is a tool for progress, and a way of motivating and engaging our staff; 

  • It is a customer requirement: all major businesses are now expected to be accountable and this requirement is naturally passed on to their suppliers; 


Astellia's Senior Management have made several commitments about governance: 

  • Accountability: being accountable  for compliance with the regulatory framework and the impact of our decisions

  • Commitment: setting objectives to consolidate our CSR commitment and deploying the means to support their implementation

  • Awareness: setting an example and being aware of the consequences of each of our decisions 

  • Initiative: encouraging employee initiatives in line with our CSR commitments

  • Influencecommunicating with all our stakeholders and exerting a positive influence wherever we can 

  • Support: carrying out regular reviews of our governance processes 


CSR in Astellia perform on many issues:  

  • Socially responsible policies have long been at the heart  of our corporate decision-making process

  • Fair practices particularly with regards to purchasing

  • Environmental responsibility although our environmental impact is limited by the very nature of our business, we believe that a number of simple, sustainable measures can easily be implemented; more generally, we are aware that more work needs to be done on the environmental impact of information technologies.    



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