Increasing your team’s knowledge

Astellia provides year round training opportunities, either at customer premises or at Astellia’s offices. This allows customers’ employees to gain the knowledge and skills required for their particular area of expertise. They can choose from a wide range of training courses and formats:


In the fast-paced telecom industry good knowledge of the specificities of wireless network technologies is an important competitive advantage. Telecom Trainings provide trainees with a clear understanding of the latest developments in mobile technologies. As Astellia’s instructors spend the major part of their time carrying out consulting services, their classes are illustrated with real customer case studies from over the world.
These telecom trainings are addressing the following topics:
  • 2G, 3G,4G technologies
  • Radio, Access, Core networks
  • Signalling, User Plane, Protocols
Update knowledge and skills on mobile network technology evolutions


Astellia provides tailor made methods to leverage use of the entire Nova suite for both Astellia’s solution administrators and users. Courses combine lectures, customer case-studies and practical exercises for trainees to leave with the knowledge they need to accelerate adoption, lower administration costs and impact business results. Thanks to these product trainings operators will maximize their Nova solution investment.
Product trainings focus on:
  • Product description: user interface, feature, menu navigation...
  • Product usage: optimization methodology, tricks & tips, dashboard & metrics creation...
Take full advantage of the Astellia solution