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Assuring service centric vision through implementation of a SOC at Unitel Angola

Interview of Celso PAIM, NOC Manager at Unitel Angola on how Astellia is providing service centric metrics to monitor the quality of exeperience of subscribers using Unitel’s data services.

Published on 30/04/17

Interview of Celso PAIM, NOC Manager at Unitel Angola

Unitel is the largest operator in Angola with 11 million subscribers and more than 3000 employees.


Astellia and Unitel have been collaborating since 2012. Which teams are using the Astellia solution and what for?

We have been working together with Astellia for almost 5 years now. Astellia’s solution is really appreciated and used by more than 100 employees at Unitel. The teams that are using the solution on a daily basis are:

  • Network Operation Center (NOC) for network performance monitoring, troubleshooting and in-depth investigations
  • Service Operation Center (SOC) for service monitoring, follow-up of VIPs and assessing QoE
  • Planning & engineering for some optimization issues
  • IT for system administration


For the next years, we are planning for Marketing to benefit from Astellia’s solution as well.

The latest project we are working on together is providing E2E service metrics through the implementation of a SOC.

Indeed, together with Astellia we implemented a Service Quality Management (SQM) platform to monitor the quality of experience of our subscribers using our services. This means that we monitor 4 type of services: voice, data, messaging and USSD.



We pay particular attention to data services such as internet browsingvideo streaming (Youtube), music streaming (Unitel’s service Kisom) and social media (Facebook Zero). For voice services, obviously we look if our subscribers can make and receive calls without a problem, but we also assess KQIs and KPIs for other voice services like voice messaging, ring-back tones and IVR.


We have developed dedicated dashboards showing end-to-end customer experience metrics for each service to identify quality degradations and assess their impact on subscribers. Astellia also provides a global satisfaction indicator which aggregates service availability, retainability and integrity information. This allows us to see in a blink of an eye which service isn’t working properly.


Before the implementation of a SOC we were lacking the information to assess what the quality of service we were providing to our subscribers really was. Now, we have a clear service centric vision which allows us to provide a much better customer experience since we are able to measure how the service is performing. For instance, if a certain KPI exceeds a certain threshold, we can drill down to the faulty network element and can see the number of subscribers impacted by the issue. It becomes much easier to see what is really happening in the network, find where the problem occurs and forward issues to the right team to be solved since we are all using the same tool.

Astellia is monitoring Unitel’s 2G and 3G networks. What about 4G?

Following Astellia’s African Customer Convention in Marrakech earlier this year, I had the chance to see how Astellia is helping African operators successfully prepare and launch their 4G network and later on VoLTE services. These operators were able to maintain their key customer promise of delivering excellent QoE and QoS from day 1. Also for Unitel it is crucial to live up to the quality expectations of our customers at the launch of a new technology or service. I have therefore shared the presentations with Radio and Core engineering teams and we are now actively preparing the monitoring of our 4G network for 2017.

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