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Leader mondial des solutions d’analyse de la performance des réseaux mobiles et de l’expérience des abonnés, Astellia aide les opérateurs à améliorer la qualité de service, à maximiser leur efficacité opérationnelle, à réduire les taux de désabonnement (churn) et à accroître leurs revenus.


Les solutions de monitoring et de troubleshooting en temps réel d’Astellia optimisent en toute indépendance l’ensemble des réseaux, de bout en bout depuis l’accès radio jusqu’au cœur de réseau.


À travers son offre produits et services unique, Astellia vous dote de capacités d’optimisation automatisée, de données géolocalisées ainsi que d’analytics prescriptif qui bénéficient à l’ensemble de la chaîne de valeur des opérateurs mobiles : Network Operations, Service Operation Center, Customer Care et Marketing.

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Since we are operating in a very competitive environment with mobile penetration of 180%, we need to find ways to differentiate ourselves. Focused network optimization is an important contributor to reach a superior customer experience. We highly value Astellia’s strong commitment and effective approach to help us tackle network issues to guarantee a high-performing network infrastructure.

Denis Pustoshilov

Director of quality management and services, Beeline Kazakhstan

We are continually working to provide the best experience to our customers. With Astellia we have seen important improvements in our network and Parisians now clearly benefit from even better services. As a next step, we will work together with Astellia to enhance the performance and reliability of our 4G network in Paris area.

Xavier Pavoux

Radio Engineering Master, Bouygues Telecom

Astellia’s differentiating factor is that it empowers us to enhance our subscriber’s voice and data experience by offering a supreme quality mobile broadband service. Thanks to Astellia we get happier customers.

Rico Chemnitz

Head of IT Core Networks & Products, H3G

Moldova is amongst the countries having the most advanced telecommunications services in the world. We are proud to say that Orange customers are enjoying today high quality wireless Internet access at speeds of up to 100Mbps. Working with Astellia enables us to deliver our subscribers unsurpassed 4G performance, best in class services and enhanced customer experience.

Dumitru Russu

Network Performance Team Leader, Orange Moldova

We are committed to providing excellent service and we invest heavily in meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We feel confident that with Astellia at our side, we can guarantee a high quality experience for our LTE subscribers and maintain an advantage over the competition in our market.

Vince Tyson

Chief Operating Officer, Plateau Communications USA

We called upon Astellia for their flexible and feature-rich solution and their proactivity in solution evolution towards Big Data. We also highly value their expertise in radio optimization, geolocation and traffic analysis.

Thomas Vonlanthen

Head of Wireless Access Technologies, Swisscom Switzerland

We are confident that with this next phase in our partnership we will address the challenges of delivering a great customer experience to the millions of subscribers of the Telefonica Group. It will allow us to leverage Astellia’s best-in-class geolocation accuracy to optimize network deployment and increase RAN performance efficiency.

Juan Carlos Garcia

RAN GCTO Director, Telefonica Group

We are very proud of this industry acknowledgment. Zain is strongly committed to offering our valued customers the most appealing products and services. Together with our partner Astellia we worked on innovative CEM use cases to improve end user experience, raise customer satisfaction and generate new revenue streams. These use cases also helped us in shifting our operations from network centric to customer/service centric.

Sultan Abdulaziz AlDeghaither

Chief Technology Officer, Zain Saudi Arabia

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