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Data Collection

Probing system

Astellia offers passive probes designed to monitor 2G, 3G and 4G network performance, service quality and customer experience management. Probes enable you to get access to a whole set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and call data records (CDRs /xDRs) to identify and troubleshoot any problem affecting customer experience.


Astellia probes monitor multi-vendor mobile networks from radio access to core and process both user plane (UP) and signaling Control Plane (CP) traffic providing leading CP/UP enrichment.


Astellia’s probing system offers vendor-independent, scalable and cost-effective deployment options enabling teams to perform:

  • 24/7 end-to- end monitoring
  • Data performance monitoring and QoE analysis


Flex - packet broker for mobile network monitoring

Astellia’s Flex is developed as a response to your needs for more flexible, scalable and future-proof monitoring solutions. Designed as User Plane (UP) probing companion, it helps you keep your investments in balance while data traffic is surging.


Running on Commercial-Of- The-Shelf (COTS) hardware, reducing hardware footprint by 40%, Flex intelligently load balances traffic across different soft probes to ensure monitoring stability. Flex can also be used to focus UP processing on specific targets (list of IMSI, part of the network, roamers …) limiting probing investment to the most valuable traffic.


Radio call trace system

Astellia analyzes in real-time multi-vendor, multi-technology radio call traces. These are generated by network equipments (BTS, nodeB and enodeB) for every call and data session from any subscribers over the entire mobile network. These rich call traces provide detailed information such as radio measurements and network equipment behavior.


The combination of call traces and probe data (RAN + core) brings unique information about E2E geolocalized QoE and usage for voice as well as data services.


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