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Nova Alerter

Real-time monitoring & supervision

Nova Alerter empowers you with real-time fault detection and triggers alarms based on customer-related quality indicators and KPI trend analysis. This is crucial to identify equipment failures or unexpected behaviors of network elements or links (MSCs, SGSN, IN platforms, SMS center, HLR,…).


Nova Alerter


  • Easy configuration: Highly flexible and powerful counter and alarm triggering definitions
  • Fast reactivity: Real-time supervision and alarming


Subscriber-minded network alarms

Nova Alerter monitors subscribers’ activity across the whole network and helps you uncover quality issues that are undetectable with network equipment-focused supervision systems.


Basic procedure efficiency and advanced QoS indicators are used to reflect the customer experience.


Nova Alerter includes a web-based alarming console, integrating real-time counter trend graphs.

Nova Alerter Astellia

Alarm prioritization

Nova Alerter prioritizes and categorizes alarms by severity level which increases your productivity, particularly during alarm floods. If a threshold value is breached, an alarm is triggered and shared through SNMP traps or emails. Alarms can also be exported in real-time to a 3rd party supervision tool through North Bound Interface (NBI).

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