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Nova Analytics

Multi-dimensional Business Intelligence

Nova Analytics is a business intelligence application that empowers you to make effective and informed decisions through multi-dimensional insights. Nova Analytics is designed to meet multiple needs within your organization including: network optimization, customer value management, customer experience management and service quality management.


Armed with Nova Analytics, you are in a position to optimize network performance, deliver the highest quality of experience to your subscribers, monetize your network data and generate new revenue streams. Nova Analytics helps you reveal and monitor unexpected customer patterns, network behavior or service usages by extracting business insight from a diversity of data (i.e. probing, OMC, call trace, CRM, billing…).


Nova Analytics comes with a library of pre-defined dashboards to perform in-depth analysis.

Network performance and optimization

Advanced network performance management and KPI trend analysis.

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Service Quality Management

Astellia empowers Service Operation Centers (SOC) with a Service Quality Management (SQM) application to help them manage service quality proactively.

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Customer value management & new business

Get an unparalleled understanding of customer behavior, follow QoE for key customers, detect potential churners, monitor and assess corporate Service Level Agreements (SLA).

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Datamining for agile and ad-hoc analysis

With Dashboard creator, Nova Analytics provides you with the capability to perform agile datamining autonomously on top of all the data stored in the data lake to create your specific and one-off dashboards.

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