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Nova Explorer

E2E in-depth troubleshooting

Nova Explorer is a powerful application for deep end-to- end troubleshooting (from RAN to core), problem root cause identification of customer complaints and detection of quality degradations over multi-technology networks.


  • Fast easy diagnosis
  • Quick failure root cause identification
  • Multi-dimensional: subscribers, NE, device, service, cell…
  • Multi-techno: 2G, 3G, 4G, RAN & Core
  • Multi-source: probe based data &  call traces
  • Vendor agnostic


Browse subscribers' activities at network level

Gain instant visibility into network health by launching queries at xDR level over all technologies, various interfaces and different sites (cells, clusters, etc.).


Take advantage of powerful filtering and distribution features to narrow down your investigations and get to the bottom of issue’s root cause.


Queries can be shared with colleagues to improve team’s efficiency. Data can also be exported in csv format.

Nova Explorer Astellia

Use E2E message flow charts to pinpoint faulty equipment

It takes only one click from xDR view to full E2E and multi-RAT message flow. Full protocol decoding and radio measurement graphs are displayed in the same window.


Flow charts can be exported in html format and for instance be sent to network equipment vendors to highlight a malfunctioning equipment. Messages can also be exported in pcap format.

Nova Explorer Astellia Multi-interface flow chart – protocol decoding
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