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Living up to the quality expectations of our customers is Moldtelecom’s leitmotiv. Astellia’s solution and assessments gives us the means to improve our customer’s experience, increase loyalty and drive revenues.

Victor Moldovanu

QoS team leader

Moldtelecom Moldova

We have to invest in partners that can provide us with high levels of confidence and stability. We are relying on Astellia’s successful professional services to optimize our radio access network. This encouraged us to expand our relationship and entrust the supervision and quality assurance of our network to Astellia.

Jordi Nadal

Chief Executive Officer

Andorra Telecom

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We were the first UK network to introduce all you can eat data and we let our customers roam abroad at no extra cost in 60 destinations. Astellia’s technology will help build upon our already excellent customer experience by deploying the capability to monitor the performance of services and customer experience on our new virtualized technology.

Adam O’Keeffe

Head of OSS Transformation


Unparalleled customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We will extract great value from Astellia’s solution to improve customer satisfaction by assessing service performance more quickly and efficiently than we can do today.

Kevin Rogers

Chief Executive Officer


A high speed train is a very complex environment due to the high speed in which customers are moving. Before we were mainly using drive tests to optimize network conditions along the railway, but now, with Astellia, we adopt a new and very innovative approach which manages to filter out those people that are actually on the train. The optimization of high speed train routes is particularly important for business travelers that need to stay connected at any time. This allowed us to become the best service provider on high speed trains in Spain and created a real competitive differentiator for Orange!

Juan Serrano Sánchez

Quality Manager, Orange Spain

Orange Spain

Since we are operating in a very competitive environment with mobile penetration of 180%, we need to find ways to differentiate ourselves. Focused network optimization is an important contributor to reach a superior customer experience. We highly value Astellia’s strong commitment and effective approach to help us tackle network issues to guarantee a high-performing network infrastructure.

Denis Pustoshilov

Director of quality management and services

Beeline Kazakhstan

With Astellia at our side, we are sure to satisfy our most demanding customers. All adjustments made optimize the performance of our 4G network and help provide a unique user experience.

Jean-Christophe Reversat

Network Operations Director

Bouygues Telecom

Secure customer satisfaction by providing high quality communication services is our priority, especially with 4G. We are proud to cooperate with Astellia, a French company, and to use their powerful Nova solution to fit our strategy, which aims to increase our data network performance.

Jean-Paul Arzel

Network Director

Bouygues Telecom

We are continually working to provide the best experience to our customers. With Astellia we have seen important improvements in our network and Parisians now clearly benefit from even better services. As a next step, we will work together with Astellia to enhance the performance and reliability of our 4G network in Paris area.

Xavier Pavoux

Radio Engineering Master

Bouygues Telecom

Astellia’s differentiating factor is that it empowers us to enhance our subscriber’s voice and data experience by offering a supreme quality mobile broadband service. Thanks to Astellia we get happier customers.

Rico Chemnitz

Head of IT Core Networks & Products


Astellia is renowned for its unique, integrated E2E approach to monitoring and is not only helping us troubleshoot customer complaints promptly but is also helping us deliver an independent evaluation of infrastructure provider’s performance.

Grigor Grigoryan


Orange Armenia

Working in close collaboration with our partners is fundamental to deliver the best customer experience. This win-win relationship allows Orange to be the first French operator when it comes to delivering the best quality of service. We consider that our partnership with Astellia largely contributed to this success.

Pierre Lanquetot

Mobile Networks Technical Director

Orange France

Moldova is amongst the countries having the most advanced telecommunications services in the world. We are proud to say that Orange customers are enjoying today high quality wireless Internet access at speeds of up to 100Mbps. Working with Astellia enables us to deliver our subscribers unsurpassed 4G performance, best in class services and enhanced customer experience.

Dumitru Russu

Network Performance Team Leader

Orange Moldova

Our challenge is to keep up with increasing customer expectation; for that reason we have put strategic emphasis on optimizing the quality of our service delivery. Our partnership with Astellia is a testament to our continued dedication in delivering a compelling customer experience.

Marek Kovář

Network performance management group leader

Orange Slovensko

We called upon Astellia for their flexible and feature-rich solution and their proactivity in solution evolution towards Big Data. We also highly value their expertise in radio optimization, geolocation and traffic analysis.

Thomas Vonlanthen

Head of Wireless Access Technologies

Swisscom Switzerland

We are confident that with this next phase in our partnership we will address the challenges of delivering a great customer experience to the millions of subscribers of the Telefonica Group. It will allow us to leverage Astellia’s best-in-class geolocation accuracy to optimize network deployment and increase RAN performance efficiency.

Juan Carlos Garcia

RAN GCTO Director

Telefonica Group

We must detect, analyse and solve problems quickly on both voice and packet networks. The Astellia solution, is particularly useful for us to detect the problems in our network, analyse and discover the origin of those problems.

Juan Carlos Sequera

Technical support team manager of RAN networks

Telefonica Spain

We have very ambitious targets in terms of improving the customer experience of our 16 million subscribers, reducing churn and ensuring shareholder value. With Nova RAN, we have a solid solution at hand to improve overall customer experience and maximize return on investment of network infrastructure.

Vicente Abad

RAN Optimization Manager

Telefonica Spain

Our decision to rely on Astellia was driven by our long-standing and strong partnership. We are confident that with Astellia by our side our customers will benefit from top quality 4G services.

Hayk Yesayan

Chief Executive Officer

Ucom Armenia

We are very happy with our collaboration with Astellia’s experts. Their know-how and experience in RAN network optimization is a great help to us in evaluating our network’s efficiency after the equipment swap. In the near future, we will most certainly call on their expertise for our 3G network monitoring.

Slavomír Slanina

Senior RAN Manager

Vodafone Czech Republic

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