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Astellia helps Zain drive Customer Care service efficiency

Astellia’s Nova Care solution is being used by Zain Bahrain.

Abdulla Salmeen, Head of Customer Care (CC) at Zain Bahrain outlines how Astellia is helping them increase his team’s efficiency by providing better customer insights.


Can you tell us about the telecom market in Bahrain?

The Bahrain telecoms market is very dynamic and has a high penetration of mobile and broadband services. In 2014, there were about 2.4 million mobile subscribers in Bahrain, representing a mobile penetration rate of 182%! The mobile market in Bahrain remains predominantly prepaid – 82% of mobile subscribers at the end of Q2 2013.


What are your responsibilities?

I am in charge of +/- 110 employees dispatched over Level 1, Level 2 teams of Business support CC (B2B Corporate & Enterprise), Consumer CC, VIP as well as leading the customer experience program within the organization. To deliver excellent customer support service, we need the right tools in our customer support workflow and teams that are trained to use these tools to their full potential.


What are the main challenges your CC is facing today ?

Nova Care AstelliaAt the moment L1/L2 teams use numerous tools (CRM, billing, troubleshooting, map of network cells, etc.) on a daily basis that are providing only a partial view of the subscriber experience. Consequently agents are struggling to find the relevant information quickly. Moreover, our frontline teams rely on an elaborate questionnaire to understand the nature of encountered network problems. We noticed that they often forward the issue to the network operations teams due to lack of visibility over network experience encountered by the customer. That is why we were looking for a solution that provides a holistic view of the customer experience to help us reduce the customer effort (CES), average handling time (AHT) at CC, complaint resolution time at L2 while improving first call resolution (FCR) when dealing with network related complaints.


In what way is Astellia helping you cope with these challenges ?

Astellia’s Nova Care solution is really revolutionizing the way we treat customer complaints. The different teams are now using the same tool, hence relying on the same information which really facilitates internal communication and problem solving. Nova Care clearly bridges the gap between the CC teams and network operations.


I can say that Nova Care has reduced average handling time (AHT) by 20-30% and increased first call resolution (FCR) by 10-20% at Zain Bahrain. Our agents can now really increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn and turn complaining customers into brand advocates. In addition,escalation of issues to network operations team has, on average, been reduced by 20% since CC teams now have a better knowledge of network related issues hereby decreasing our customer service OPEX.


Also, the need to ask customers different questions to diagnose the issue has decreased dramatically due to the fact that with Nova Care L1 and L2 teams now have the full and comprehensive information at their disposal along with the right visibility. This in turn reduced customer effort and enhanced average handling time; L1 and L2 teams do not need to ask further questions or even conduct follow-up calls to get more details from the customer.


Can you illustrate how you managed to increase efficiency ?

For example, several of our agents received customer complaints related to too low data speeds. With Nova Care, we diagnosed directly that the data was on 2G without asking the customer what signal label they see on their device, which indicated that the issue was either radio coverage or handset related. Agents are now much more autonomous; key point to increase the FCR and avoid calling back once or twice the customers to get more details.


Another example where we managed to solve customer issues proactively: a customer using 4G CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) at home reported a bad experience with video streaming. The L2 agent identified through Nova Care that the lack of seamless video service was due to wrong CPE’s configuration. It was supposed to be set on 4G but the device was set on dual mode [3G/4G] while the customer is not provisioned on the network side to access 3G. This caused a disconnection symptom when the device tried to attach to 3G technology. This identification helped to proactively solve the issue for over 2,200 other customers.


In addition, looking at the profile of High Value Customers calling for a simple enquiry, we noticed that some customers were experiencing a bad voice satisfaction indicator caused by call drops. Nova Care helps us point out proactively issues experienced by High Value Customers to the network operations team with specific information where to focus optimization activities. All in all, with Nova Care, Zain Bahrain CC team has become even more proactive.


In case of customer complaint, every second counts…

Empower your Customer Service agents with Nova Care with real time subscriber insight:

  • Access any individual subscriber activity (voice & data)
  • Evaluate satisfaction & customer experience
  • Diagnose & solve the issue
  • And reinforce customer loyalty

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