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Boost marketing campaign impact through big data analytics


  • European operator
  • 4,5 million subscribers


In addition to the traditional monitoring function of tracking network performance, Astellia performed, under the umbrella of a 2 year contract with a European operator, several Value Added Services for big data analytics, one of which was showing the usage of a mobile festival app. This particular operator has implemented a segmented customer approach through different MVNOs.


To engage with their subscribers the operator, as main sponsor of a music festival, offered a mobile application for festival goers. The app provided instant access to rich content including an interactive lineup, maps, bios, image galleries, video feeds, photo sharing and many more. By consuming the app, the subscribers could earn festival vouchers and freebies.



Astellia’s solution, integrating Deep Packet Inspection technology, enabled the operator to dig into their subscriber’s behavior:

  • The number of subscribers per MVNO attending the 3 day event
  • The mobile applications per MVNO being used during the event
  • Subscriber adoption of the festival app per MVNO
  • The traffic generated by the festival app
  • The type of handset per MVNO being used



By using data provided by Astellia’s probes, the operator’s marketing team was able to measure the success of its sponsorship by counting the festival app’s downloads and investigating its usage. During the last day of the festival they even steered the festival app downloads by announcing on stage the app’s availability.


This information helped the operator to better understand subscriber usage and evaluate the amount of traffic generated by their subscribers through the sharing of pictures and videos during the event. This data is particularly useful to adapt network capacity to cope with the huge, temporary and localized data traffic increase.


This valuable information on subscriber’s behavior can be relayed back to potential OTT partners to prove the value of the partnership, used for future sponsorship packages or tracked as a benchmark to measure future success.

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