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Boost mobile broadband user experience


  • European operator
  • 15 million subscribers
  • 3G & HSPA network
  • 76 RNCs monitored (Iub, IuCs, IuPs, Gn interfaces)


The service provider developed a rich portfolio of entertaining multimedia content such as gaming, video and music targeted at teenagers. Music tracks are available from its portal.


In order to accelerate data service adoption and revenue growth, the service provider wants to ensure ultra-fast access to its music store from anywhere at any time and a PC-like multimedia file download experience.


Through the use of Nova Analytics and the advanced troubleshooting capabilities of Nova Explorer the operator monitored and optimized the time needed to download their multimedia portal per cell, handset type and subscriber.


The solution is also used to detect issues. For instance, the operator identified that the MP3 download platform was not providing sufficient throughput. All subscribers, including the ones that had opted for a 3G+ data plan, were limited to 400 Kbps instead of 2Mbps. By measuring average throughput / server / downloaded file size the operator was able to pinpoint that the MP3 gateway was wrongly configured.


  • Download portal page duration: from 8 sec to 4 sec
  • Average throughput x 2
  • Increased data service usage and revenue
  • Better user experience

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