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Correlate net promoter score and network experience


  • One of the biggest operators in Spain
  • 2G, 3G, 4G network
  • Highly competitive market: +110% penetration rate
  • Measuring true customer experience


Marketing departments often use customer surveys including the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a customer loyalty metric, to measure customer satisfaction based on a simple question “Would you recommend our company to a friend?”. Subscribers are then categorized as promoters, passives or detractors.


The Net Promoter Score translates customer satisfaction at a given point in time for a sample of customers but it doesn’t allow to identify precisely why the customer is not likely to recommend their brand nor does it allow them to identify the reason of their dissatisfaction. Therefore it is impossible for operators to troubleshoot and solve issues to retain these customers.

Solution - SatiX, Astellia’s advanced customer experience index

Astellia has developed SatiX, a powerful customer-centric monitoring solution which correlates radio network metrics and end-user perception information.


Customer experience metrics such as blocked calls, dropped calls, coverage issues, voice and data quality are correlated with technical radio measurements such as RSCP, Ec/N0, throughput, SQI, BLER, 3G time vs 2G time.



The result is an advanced customer satisfaction index that not only provides objective customer perception indicators but also precise radio parameters to adjust network conditions and enhance customer experience.

Correlating SatiX & Customer survey

The correlation between SatiX and survey scores enables the operator to discern whether customers are dissatisfied due to poor network quality (low Satix score) or due to non-network related reasons i.e. subjective reasons (high Satix score).


The survey score identifies detractors (in blue), i.e. a customer on the verge of churning. The SatiX score however shows that these customers have not experienced any network quality degradation.


The survey scores detractors (in red). The SatiX score is very low and indicates that the customers have experienced several network quality issues.


  • +9,2% in NPS score
  • CSSR and DCR KPIs objectives exceeded
  • Use of reliable customer-centric experience metrics
  • Marketing: launch win-back campaigns
  • Network operations: better target optimization campaigns based on customer location and value


European Union



The SatiX project received funding of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and the European Fund of Regional Development in the context of the Spanish National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological 2008-2011, reference number TSI-100102-2013-106.

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