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Econet maximizes network availability and recovers revenue thanks to Astellia

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  • Econet Zimbabwe
  • 6,4 million subscribers
  • +/- 50% market share
  • 2G, 3G and 4G networks


Mobile services hampered by power outage and congestion.


Zimbabwe suffers from long and frequent power outages. Erratic power supplies and defective infrastructure affect network performance at Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe’s largest operator. Another source of site unavailability is congestion caused for example by wrong configuration or failures in network equipment. As a result, subscribers face connection failures and dropped calls and service unavailability causing a poor customer experience.



Econet Wireless is pursuing various strategies to counter the negative effects of these power outages and congestion to improve service and enhance network reliability.


Therefore, Econet Wireless wanted to calculate the potential revenue gain associated to a more accessible 2G and 2,5G network and run it more cost efficiently.


These Revenue Assurance calculations help Econet to prioritize site investments by taking into account the ROI of additional CAPEX investments.

“The results from the Revenue Assurance solution were successfully used to prioritize CAPEX investments on strategic high traffic sites guaranteeing a fast and substantial ROI.Furthermore, we will be using Revenue Assurance data to justify future CAPEX investments to ensure a short payback period and efficient use of resources.”

Kezito Makuni

Technical Director, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

Econet Kezito


Interview with Kezito Makuni, Technical Director and Francis Mahofa, CTO Econet Wireless Zimbabwe.

Econet, the leading wireless operator in Zimbabwe, will deploy Astellia’s vendor-independent solution on its 3G network and will get expert support from Astellia’s consulting team to gain end-to-end insight over its mobile broadband network performance and data services.

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