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Flux Vision – Orange Big Data offer for businesses and public authorities

Pascal Chambreuil, Network Insight Products Department Manager explains how Orange creates new values for network signaling insights in a big data paradigm.

Orange Chambreuil

How is Orange Applications for Business creating value for Orange ?

With Orange Applications for Business (OAB), Orange Business Services is pursuing its strategy of supporting businesses in their digital transformation. OAB focuses on projects in the fields of connected objects and M2M, the digital customer experience and data analysis & big data. This strategic division brings together a staff of 2,500 with 200 positions being created each year. We aim to grow Orange’s business by monetizing the information provided by for instance our big data solution named Flux Vision.

Can you explain in more detail what Flux Vision is about ?

Flux Vision, a solution initiated by Orange Labs, analyzes population flows in real-time using data from Orange’s mobile network. It converts millions of items of technical information from the mobile network into statistical indicators to analyze how often different geographical areas are visited and how people move around. In addition to location indicators (such as density, where user flows come from and go to) provided by the mobile network, this service offers also additional anonymous socio-demographic data (such as age, gender and socio-professional category), giving local authorities and businesses greater insight into the profiles of their customers and users. Flux Vision uses a proprietary innovative system for ensuring the irreversible anonymity of the data that respects all requirements of France’s privacy watchdog, the National Commission on Computing and Liberty (CNIL).


Flux Vision is aimed at key players in the public and private sectors operating in the areas of road traffic, tourism or trade. It can be used in multiple ways, such as counting vehicles on a specific section of the road to adapt infrastructure, assessing the number of tourists visiting an area, or analyzing the catchment areas around commercial centers. This service is offered through a monthly subscription fee, depending on the extent of the geographical area and the mode of data provisioning (real time or delayed).



How is Astellia helping you achieve your business goals ?

Orange uses Astellia’s probes to capture the millions of technical records per day generated when subscribers in mobility send SMS, make calls and surf the web. These data is enriched and then fed in real time into Orange’s Flux Vision solution. Thanks to Astellia we can provide our clients new and powerful real time geo-marketing statistics based on these mobile network data. This new service, based on geolocated intelligence, generates additional revenues, and is seen in Orange as the first real big data business application.


Improving insight through big data

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