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Guarantee Service Level Agreement


  • European operator
  • 1.5 million subscribers
  • 20% market share
  • 200,000 corporate subscribers monitored
  • VIP ARPU: 80€ / month


The operator has developed mobile services dedicated to the supply chain & freight industry requiring ultra-fast and reliable data transfers. One of its customers is an express parcel deliverer providing guaranteed timely delivery to its customers.


Once the parcel is delivered, the courier’s PDA is signed by the customer and this acknowledgement is sent straight to the remote central tracking system using a mobile data connection. To ensure a good delivery of the customer’s signature, the parcel deliverer has signed a service level agreement with the operator. The network connection therefore needs to be fast and fully reliable.


The operator uses Nova Analytics in order to closely monitor its high-value corporate customers and report on service level agreement compliance. The operator can report on service availability, retainability and quality by surveying data transfer procedures and speed.

Nova Analytics Astellia Assess SLA for key customers


  • High-value customer churn reduced from 5% to 2%
  • €4.5M secured each year
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • New corporate accounts acquisition
  • Improved brand reputation



Drive loyalty of your high-value subscribers

With Nova:

  • Guarantee Service Level Agreements (SLA) and deliver premium services to your most valuable subscribers.
  • Anticipate quality degradations before they affect corporate customers.
  • Prioritize optimization campaigns on strategic areas

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