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In-flight mobile service access


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More and more airlines are adopting technologies which allow passengers to use in-flight mobile services. Now, passengers can make and receive phone calls & text messages, and remain accessible through email, twitter and other social media all while cruising at high altitude. The airplane crew controls the system and can limit (allowing voice calls or not) or disable its use (during takeoff, landings or at night) in order to maintain passengers’ comfort and guarantee flight safety.


Since this service is quite pricy for travelers, they expect premium quality.


This European operator called on Astellia to meet the needs of their high-demanding customers.


The mobile operator cooperates with a service provider (like OnAir or Aeromobile) which uses pico cell technology with an onboard antenna to route calls, messages and data through a satellite network, which transfers it to the mobile operator’s ground-based network. The mobile operator, on his turn, transfers the call to the receiver’s foreign network.

In flight call


Guarantee SLA commitments

The mobile operator monitors 24/7 the service quality it provides to the service provider and ensures that their stringent Service Level Agreements are adhered to. In case of quality degradation, an alarm is automatically triggered for telecom engineers to investigate the issue and restore the service in no time.

Astellia’s solution provides monthly service quality reports on

  • roaming partner reliability
  • service availability & quality

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