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Orange Spain adopts innovative RAN optimization

Juan Serrano Sánchez, Quality Manager at Orange Spain explains how his team cooperates with Astellia to ensure the Quality of Service of their Radio Access Network.


Orange Juan

What are your team's responsibilities?

My team’s main objective is preventing any quality degradation in the customer experience (CX). For this, central and regional teams are focused on monitoring KPIs, analyzing root causes, detecting gaps and proposing improvement plans.


Can you give some concrete examples of how Astellia helped you improve the CX?

For the last 2 years, we have been successfully working with Astellia to better understand our subscribers and their experience. Astellia is an important partner for specialist and advanced radio network optimization.


Special problems require special solutions. For instance, a high speed train is a very complex environment due to the high speed in which customers are moving. Before we were mainly using drive tests to optimize network conditions along the railway, but now, with Astellia, we adopt a new and very innovative approach which manages to filter out those people that are actually on the train. The optimization of high speed train routes is particularly important for business travelers that need to stay connected at any time. This allowed us to become the best service provider on high speed trains in Spain and created a real competitive differentiator for Orange!


Another success story is the migration of the Basque operator Euskatel to Orange’s network. Astellia helped us ensure a smooth handover of their 400K subscribers to our network. We knew that data traffic would double with the arrival of these new subscribers, so it was important to prepare, analyze and control the impact on the network. Under tight time constraints, Astellia helped us geo-locate these new subscribers and detect which problems they encountered and correlate this information to decide where to expand capacity. We hereby managed to reduce the impact on these new subscribers to a minimum. Together to improve the Net Promoter Score by 9,2%!


Astellia helps our Level 2 and Level 3 customer care agents analyze complex customer complaints. For instance, a company complained that many of its employees were often facing low throughputs. Drive tests didn’t reveal any specific problem. With Astellia’s call trace analysis we found that handsets weren’t supporting the UMTS 900 frequency band and that this was not rightly configured in the RNC.


How do you value Astellia's RAN Services ?

I see three clear advantages:

  1. Astellia brings real innovative and value added proposals to radio optimization, with powerful out-of-the-box thinking.
  2. At Orange Spain we have three different RAN vendors (Ericsson, Huawei and Alcatel-Lucent). Astellia’s multi-technology and multi-vendor approach is of paramount importance to accomplish efficient network optimization.
  3. Astellia’s flexibility in managing different projects and its continuous drive to improve the subscriber experience is a crucial asset in our successful collaboration.


Ever experienced a call drop or had troubles downloading your emails on a high speed train?

Astellia helps you guarantee reliable services to your customers in fast motion.

As a result, travelers will enjoy seamless on-board services and will therefore use their smartphones more often.

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