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Network equipment swap and upgrade


  • European operator
  • More than 15 million subscribers
  • 2G and 3G networks


This European operator needed to upgrade two major RNC and NodeB on its UMTS network. This complex upgrade aimed at introducing new features in order to improve overall performance and customer experience. The operator needed to monitor network performance following equipment upgrade and swap to ensure a smooth handover process without costly service interruptions.


The operator’s 3G network was closely monitored by Astellia’s solution to:

  • Validate new pilot site feature upgrade
  • Ensure scheduled downtime compliance
  • Guarantee network performance and quality of service enhancement


Astellia could register that

  • The RNC upgrade reduced call drop and call set-up inefficiency rates
  • The following upgrade performed at NodeB level was responsible for a major quality regression


  • QoS improvements after upgrades
  • Continued visibility on the network while OMC counters are unavailable
  • Speedy network upgrade process through fast troubleshooting
  • Vendor SLA assessment

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