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Airtel Africa network & vendor performance benchmark across 16 networks


  • Airtel Africa
  • Presence in 16 African countries
  • 78 million subscribers
  • Technologies: GSM, GPRS, UMTS
  • 5 network equipment vendors




The Airtel Africa Group needs to deliver a consistent quality across all 16 networks. However, managing a multi-vendor, multi-technology and constantly evolving network is extremely complex. Benchmarking equipment vendors for instance is very challenging since their counters are rarely defined in the same way which makes comparison very difficult. On top of this, they are system-focused and do not reflect the true customer experience.


Airtel Africa’s requirements:

  • Reliable and comprehensive performance visibility over the various networks from Airtel HQs
  • Equipment vendor performance benchmark
  • Performance management solution with drill down investigation capabilities


Astellia provides Airtel vendor-independent reporting & user-centric investigation capabilities by correlating data from multi-vendor OSS and Astellia probes.  Astellia’s dashboards provide network equipment efficiency (nodes, RNCs, GGSN, SGSN) and allow to optimize E2E network performance.

The solution is deployed at:

  • HQ in Nairobi and used by Airtel CxOs and Corporate Network managers responsible for optimizing network investments, revenues and analyzing individual network profitability.
  • National level and enables Optimization and Performance teams and local CTOs to monitor their individual network and drill down any issue responsible for network inefficiency or poor quality delivery to cell level.

“The Astellia solution enables us to gain a more comprehensive view of the QoS across all our networks and incentivize our local teams on customer-centric indicators.”

Abdelhafid Tchoketchk

Head CAPEX planning and roll-out, Airtel Africa

Airtel Abdelhafid


  • Vendor-independent view of the network
  • Reliable SLA assessment
  • Tight CAPEX and OPEX control

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