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New customer segmentation at Zain

Interview with Amal Makki, Analytical Marketing and Research Manager Zain Bahrain.

Zain Amal

What is the purpose of the Customer Insight Lab?

Together, Astellia and Zain Group created a Customer Insight Lab to get a deep understanding of customer behavior and data usage. The objective is to create synergy between network management, marketing and customer service teams to deliver the highest service quality standards and improve customer experience. The customer intelligence provided by Astellia is one of the crucial factors which help us turn this data into market differentiation and efficiency improvements that impact our revenues.

What has been done so far and did you book any concrete results?

The first project addressed Customer Care efficiency where we booked impressive results, like for instance a reduction in average handling time of network related tickets by 70% at level 2.


Together with Astellia, we are now helping our marketing team better understand subscribers by providing insight in voice and data usage through the use of Nova Analytics. The goal is to better tailor our actions to our customers’ needs.


The telecoms market is rapidly evolving from a voice-centric to a data-centric market. This brings the need to change the way we segment our customer base since usage and revenues are no longer enough of differentiators to cluster our customers.


To better understand subscriber’s centers of interest, we therefore decided to analyze customers’ application usage (number of sessions, session duration, bandwidth usage, etc.). With Astellia’s help, we could clearly distinguish different types of behavior which led us to revise our CRM segments and implement a new customer segmentation. This has led to the creation of our new ‘Big Gigs Family’ offering.



segmentationWe are now monitoring each new segment per offer to understand their behavior and see if there is any change in data consumption. We pay particular attention to the impact on the network of each new offer by monitoring for instance the busy hour throughput per offer. We predict that the immense success of our ‘Hero’ offer (unlimited data usage, free 4G device, unlimited downloads @night) will put pressure on our network resources.


We use segmentation to recommend the right offer in order to optimize our network resources and enhance profitability of our data services. As you can see, segmentation is a perpetual process and with the input of Astellia we continue to fine-tune the different segments in order to optimize revenues and control the impact on the network.

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