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Select handsets which provide the best user experience


  • Major European Tier 1 operator
  • More than 20 million subscribers
  • 2G , 3G & 4G networks
  • 60 RNC and 15 SGSN monitored



The mobile operator is offering mobile data plans with subsidized handsets. This strategy has been particularly successful for retaining customers, gaining new subscribers and increasing mobile data adoption.


However, the surge of smartphones and increased data traffic has led to heavy pressure on its network. The operator was finding it increasingly difficult to test all mobile devices before their market launch. Some of these handsets were responsible for poor service quality and network inefficiency. However, subscribers tend to think that it is the operator’s network that is responsible for this poor user experience and are at risk of churning.



The operator has been using Nova Analytics for 5 years to:

  • Assess and benchmark handset performance
  • Measure mobile data experience per handset
  • Analyze handset behavior and interactions with network equipment
  • Detect / reconfigure / withdraw faulty devices
  • Create a bundle with the best performing handsets


Device performance


  • Better quality of experience
  • Faster mobile entertainment and service adoption
  • Improved network equipment efficiency
  • Increased negotiation power with handset manufacturers


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