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Reach your customers’ quality expectations while managing traffic growth and network performance costs.


Astellia allows you to monitor the network and perform troubleshooting of any issue to guarantee maximum service availability and performance. You will be alarmed of any condition that may require special attention in order to avoid impact on network performance.  You will also be able to readily determine the cause of the problem and avoid any degraded service in the future.



Network monitoring

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Nova Geo Astellia

Nova Geo:

Nova Geo is a multi-technology & multi-vendor radio optimization tool which measures RF coverage and quality of the network. It facilitates daily radio optimization tasks by automating recurrent analysis and reduces drastically the number of drive tests.

Nova Explorer Astellia

Nova Explorer:

Nova Explorer is a powerful application for deep end-to-end troubleshooting (from RAN to core), problem root cause identification of customer complaints and quality degradations over multi-technology networks.

Nova alerter Astellia

Nova Alerter:

Nova Alerter empowers supervision teams with real-time fault detection to trigger alarms based on customer-centric quality indicators and on KPI trend analysis.

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