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Safeguard roaming revenues

Make sure that your network is fine-tuned to optimize roaming capture and retention. Check that you have established the right roaming partnerships with other international carriers to extend service availability abroad.


Inbound, national, outbound roaming and interconnect

Astellia provides increased visibility of service performance through advanced roaming KPI reporting and troubleshooting for inbound, national and outbound roamers. We indicate roaming hot spots and determine roamer profiles for marketing to build new & attractive offers and improve the customer experience.




By monitoring both Core PS and CS networks, Astellia’s roaming solution enables operators to monitor outbound traffic, measure service quality and roaming partnership efficiency. Using this information, operators are able to identify needs for new roaming alliances to extend roaming coverage and service continuity.


Operations can quickly detect roamers unable to access the network or experiencing poor service quality. They can perform end-to-end investigations, drill down into any roamer’s call or data sessions and isolate the issue’s root causes such as poor network coverage, subscribers with no roaming rights or handsets not configured for roaming data usage.

Operations can then make informed decisions: take corrective actions accordingly, prioritize network optimization tasks on key roaming areas and perform performance benchmarks.


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