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Service Operation Center

Breaking the silos

A Service Operation Center (SOC) is a transverse service and customer focused operational unit. It provides a consolidated view and adequate end-to-end network, service and customer metrics to upper management, network engineering, customer experience, customer service and marketing teams.


A SOC monitors proactively the quality of key services such as VoLTE, USSD, video quality, web browsing, international and emergency calls as perceived by subscribers or a group of subscribers. It triggers alerts in case of quality degradation, measures the number of impacted subscribers and determines if the cause of the issue lies in the RAN, Core, device or subscriber.


A SOC facilitates end-to-end problem demarcation and troubleshooting of service quality issues, and helps reducing the time needed to restore a faulty service by prioritizing and escalating tickets to the right team for further investigation and resolution.

Accompanying your transition from Network Operation Center (NOC) to SOC

Astellia’s consultants

  • Analyze the existing organization and processes
  • Design and agree upon a future mode of operations based on stakeholder interviews and Astellia’s expertise
  • Determine new, end-to-end QoE metrics, define service models, service quality dashboards and create business as well as CEM use cases to ensure that business team receive benefits right from the first day of the run phase
  • Coach and ensure skill transfers through trainings

“We monitor 4 type of services: voice, data, messaging and USSD. We pay particular attention to data services such as internet browsing, video streaming (Youtube), music streaming (Unitel’s Kisom) and social media (Facebook Zero). We have developed dedicated dashboards showing end-to-end customer experience metrics for each service to identify quality degradations and assess their impact on subscribers. We now benefit from a clear service centric vision.”

Celso Paim

NOC Manager, Unitel Angola

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