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Get smart on NFV

New services and capacity requirements can be changed on the fly with NFV to meet the fluctuations in demand. This can have a negative impact on subscriber’s QoE if managed incorrectly. Implementing a good service assurance solution cannot be an afterthought.

The network goes virtual, so do probes

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) brings lot of promises: CAPEX and OPEX savings, accelerated deployment of new services etc.


These promises come with new challenges such as ensuring subscriber’s QoE and finding the root cause of issues in a fully dynamic environment. Probes are a key asset to guarantee full visibility of subscriber’s activity. But, for this, probes have to be fully embedded in the virtual infrastructure in order to monitor every virtual interface connecting different Virtual Functions.

Monitor NFV with virtual probes

Embedding a probe in NFV means that this probe has to be made a Virtual Function: Virtual Probe or vProbe.


Astellia’s vProbe is MANO orchestrated. Its lifecycle is managed by the NFV orchestrator (instantiation, healing, scale out and termination).

Handling intermediate steps

As migration towards a full virtual infrastructure will be a gradual process, Astellia’s monitoring solution is able to handle seamlessly both physical and virtual probes. This is necessary to maintain a consistent measurement of subscriber’s QoE before, during and after migration.

Implement Service Assurance based on analytics

E2E issues’ demarcation, fault isolation and root cause analysis make service quality management more efficient. Issue demarcation is an automatic diagnosis based on machine learning algorithms which provides a list of probable failure causes.


Astellia’s analytic solution, backed-up by a holistic and proven portfolio of professional services, integrates key metrics from network infrastructures and VNF, allowing for a complete consolidated vision and control of virtualized networks.


“Astellia’s development of the orchestrated virtual probes is important, and strongly positions the company as an innovator in service assurance for NFV/SDN”

Anil Rao

Senior Analyst, Analysys Mason

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Keep control over the virtual network


To assure customer experience, Astellia proposes its fully virtualized service assurance solution including vProbes, real-time alerting, troubleshooting and big data analytics.

Download white paper

Guaranteeing Service Assurance in NFV



This paper highlights the importance of vProbes and analytics in NFV and proposes 3 must-follow guidelines for implementing Service Assurance in NFV.

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