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Get up to speed on delivering excellent video quality

Ensure a consistent great video experience by preventing black outs, frozen video, silence or buffering delays.

Increased video consumption

Video consumption via mobile is clearly on the rise.


Video quality









Measure and deliver seamless video QoE

With mobile video consumption exploding, managing and maintaining a good video QoE for their subscribers has become a common challenge for most operators. Astellia provides analytics with advanced metrics that depict


True customer experience

  • Start delay (buffer)
  • Number of freezes
  • Total freeze duration
  • Percentage of time spent watching video in 7 quality ranges Duration


Real customer usage

  • Duration
  • Service type (music, social networks, etc.)


On top of this, Astellia’s Nova solution geolocates the area where these issues occurred. The application performs deep root cause analysis and recommend corrective actions to improve video quality, enhance the subscriber experience and secure data revenue.

Video quality

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