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Harness the business potential of IoT

Deliver highly reliable connectivity for critical IoT applications and provide precise location information to your business customers.

IoT use cases

Far away from the latest connected toothbrush gadget, industries leverage IoT as a key asset to reduce operational costs by being more efficient. Cleaner environment, optimal use of resources, faster emergency response, energy savings, extended crop yields to name just a few are all promising advantages of IoT.

To make these promises a reality, industries know that they should be advised by reliable partners to connect things to the internet and applications. You are these trusted partners of choice as you are already managing nationwide connectivity and QoE for decades.



3GPP IoT support hits the field

Astellia supports your lab tests, field tests and the introduction of 3GPP rel13 IoT technologies:

  • eMTC (or LTE-M) lighter LTE modem reducing cost and power consumption
  • Narrowband IoT (NBIoT) new appliances, designed to transmit small bits of information during a period of 10 years with a single battery

Service assurance in LPWAN

These use cases represent a great opportunity to create value and new revenue streams. However, competition will be tough so service assurance will become a clear differentiator for Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) providers, especially for those use cases having higher or business-critical Quality of Service (QoS) requirements.


To ensure reliable network connectivity and generate new revenue streams, Astellia proposes



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Harness the IoT business potential of LPWAN

IoTLearn more about the IoT market, its use cases and the different Low Power Wide Area Networks technologies.


Discover how Astellia can help you seize this opportunity to generate new revenue streams.

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