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Long live mobile banking!

Understand USSD usage and analyze USSD performance to manage a successful service roll-out and usage.

Smartphones are often not affordable for the average consumer in regions such as Africa, India and Latin America. And even when a subscriber does buy one, they generally cannot afford the data plan that goes with it. This leads to a lot of smartphone users connecting to services via USSD.


Commonly used in banking, mobile polling, and security systems USSD is a standard protocol supported by all types of handsets to provide mobile users with menu-driven, interactive services such as mobile account balance checking, recharge of prepaid account and airtime transfer to another prepaid subscriber without using the internet. With an estimated 80% of adults still unbanked in Africa, the potential for growth in mobile payments, mobile banking and retail money transfer is enormous.


Mobile Banking GSMA1Source: GSMA State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money 2016

USSD potential to stem ARPU shrinkage

Mobile operators have the opportunity to efficiently deliver ARPU-generating services to their customers. Their main challenge is to identify and secure the delivery of these services. Astellia USSD offer helps operators meet the performance challenge and profile USSD users to deliver on mobile banking, idle user reactivation campaigns, usage increase, marketing surveys or other ARPU enhancing opportunities.


Empowering USSD services

Mobile operators have to cope with network failures, inefficient system delivery and cybercrime. Understanding USSD usage and analyzing USSD performance is key to manage a successful service rollout and usage. Astellia’s solution enables this by providing operators with hourly/daily/weekly KPIs and performance dashboards including:

  • number of different users attempting each USSD short code
  • number of all requests made for each
  • USSD short code
  • idle users
  • service access time
  • service success and failure rate
  • success rate per handset model
  • location of the subscriber when using the service
  • submenus accessed by the subscriber


Not only can it help operators profile USSD users but the Astellia solutions can also trigger alarms in case of service degradation, or enable troubleshooting and detailed statistical analysis.

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