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Make your VoLTE service stand out

Your subscribers expect super-fast VoLTE call connections, crystal clear voice and video call quality. Don’t let them down.

VoLTE promises

Voice calls remain central to your business model as over 60% of revenues come from voice and SMS traffic. VoLTE promises are attractive and you know there is no room for error:




Astellia is at your side during the entire VoLTE life cycle:

  • Geolocate and optimize areas that require VoLTE first
  • Geolocate low-performing VoLTE areas (call drops, bad handovers)
  • Benchmark & recommend handsets for VoLTE
  • Troubleshoot interoperability issues ‘End to End’
  • Manage seamless voice call continuity with SRVCC
  • Ensure HD voice quality (MOS)
  • Boost and follow-up VoLTE service adoption


Cutting edge SQM solution

Astellia provides a troubleshooting solution with dashboards that illustrate an end-to-end view of each VoLTE call, detect malfunctioning VoLTE handsets and benchmark efficiently vendors.  Astellia also provides VoIP call quality metrics including Mean Opinion Score (MOS), packet delay, jitter, packet loss and latency in order to guarantee an incomparable HD voice quality.


Volte Astellia

Professional Services

On top of its product portfolio, Astellia offers Professional Services consisting of on-site experts engaged with your teams during Lab Tests, Field Interoperability, Friendly User Tests and Commercial Deployment. They generate dedicated reports, pinpoint issues, find out root causes, and provide evidence to transfer tickets to the right vendor.

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VoLTE : basics, market trends & use cases


VoLTE has become the next logical move for handling end-to-end voice calls over IP. As with any new network feature introduction, VoLTE comes with a lot of challenges to be tackled within a very aggressive time schedule. Discover which they are and how to tackle them through concrete use cases.


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Swisscom delivers exceptional HD voice quality with VoLTE


Logo SwisscomBack in 2015, Swisscom was the first mobile operator to launch Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service in Europe. Three years later, more than 2,6M VoLTE calls a day take place on their network. Swisscom’s customers enjoy better quality with VoLTE. Call setup now only takes two to three seconds and voice quality is crystal clear. It provides Swisscom a clear competitive advantage over OTTs.




Discover how Swisscom and Astellia partner together to deliver one of the best customer experience worldwide. Dowload the case study.



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