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Monetize your network & customer data

Understand the value of your customer data to realize new revenue opportunities.

Mobile operators are in the middle of a digital transformation and are looking for new growth drivers. One of their greatest assets is the data they collect of their subscribers: data usage and location. This goldmine of information can be used to develop new innovative services and create new sources of revenue.


Proper use of collected data

Get granular details about customers’ browsing habits, application downloads, consumption patterns, current real-time positioning, etc. You can use this information internally to better anticipate and match customer needs and fine tune offers to build loyalty, reduce churn and expand recurring revenues.



“With Astellia’s help, we could clearly distinguish different types of behavior which led us to revise our CRM segments and put in place a new customer segmentation. This has led to the creation of our new ‘Big Gigs Family’ offering, better tailored to customers’ needs.”


Amal Makki

Analytical and Research Manager, Zain Bahrain

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B2B revenue generation

Selling this unique visibility in customer usage to third parties can represent a strong revenue growth opportunity. Some examples of use cases are location-based advertising, analysis of population flows for road traffic information, helping shopping malls understand where their customers are coming from and the time they are spending at their premises, etc.


“Thanks to Astellia we can provide our clients new and powerful real time geo-marketing statistics based on mobile network data. This new service, Flux Vision, generates additional revenues and is seen in Orange as the first real big data business application.”

Pascal Chambreuil

Network Insight Products department manager, Orange Business Services France


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