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Unleash the power of geolocation

Geolocate every customer call or data connection with an accuracy far beyond cell level.

Leverage geolocated intelligence

Accurate and precise geodata is invaluable since it enables you to accelerate network roll-out, increase network optimization, enrich customer care analysis and create new value-added applications and services to monetize these data.


Wherever there’s an issue, you will know

Astellia is able to determine and provide, on a 24×7 basis, the exact location of each subscriber’s call. When aggregating all geolocated subscribers’ calls, a wide range of maps are available with multiple performance indicators such as traffic, failed calls, handovers, coverage, quality, etc.


Additionally, there are different advanced filtering capabilities which allow you to look for specific patterns based on services, handsets, roamers and so on.


Highlighted use cases

Astellia can meet the needs of a wide variety of location-related use cases.



“With Nova Geo, we have a solid solution at hand to improve overall customer experience and maximize return on investment of network infrastructure.“

Vicente Abad

RAN Optimization Manager, Telefonica Spain

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“We called upon Astellia for their flexible and feature-rich solution and their proactivity in solution evolution towards Big Data. We also highly value their expertise in radio optimization, geolocation and traffic analysis.”

Thomas Vonlanthen

Head of Wireless Access Technologies, Swisscom Switzerland

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Unlocking the full potential of geolocation



You want to take your knowledge of geolocation to a higher level?


Download your copy of Astelllia’s white paper “Unlocking the full potential of geolocation” and

  • Discover advanced geolocation techniques
  • Select the most appropriate technique for your needs
  • Explore geolocated intelligence through compelling use cases and customer testimonials

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